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   The foremost mission of the Saint Clair Area School District is the pursuit of excellence in education, its focus being to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to society as ethical, responsible citizens, establishing a personal commitment to life-long learning.


The following is a list of the faculty organized by grade level or special subject taught. If a teachers name is blue, click on it and you will be taken to that teacher's individual webpage.  Teacher pages are webpage's outside the control of the Saint Clair Webmaster.  Questions regarding an individual teacher page should be directed to the individual teacher. 

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 Elementary Faculty   Middle School Faculty  Special Subjects Faculty Instructional Support  Learning Support Faculty & Staff  Hearing Impaired Faculty & Staff  Support Staff

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Elementary Faculty


       Mrs. Kull                                  Mrs. Sninsky                           Mrs. Maccarone                                

First Grade

       Mrs. Bunnick                                                                             Mrs. Begansky

Second Grade            

      Mrs. Lucht                                   Ms. Holley                    

Third Grade

       Mrs. Zackus                                                                                Ms. Martin

Fourth Grade

        Mr. Schane                             Mrs. Mickonis                        Mrs. Karpovich

Fifth Grade

       Mrs. DiCasimirro                          Mrs. Gasper                          Mrs. Kremer

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Middle School Faculty

Sixth Grade

        Mrs. Blasser                                                                                      Mr. Rumberger            

Seventh & Eighth Grade

       Ms. Cleary                                         Mr. Tenaglia                                  Mr. Gunosky           

        Writing                                                  Math                                            Reading    


    Mr. Laubenstine                                  Mrs. Lutz                                     Ms. Ciccozzi

     Social Studies                                       Science                                              Math

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Special Subjects Faculty


Health and Physical Education

Mrs. Buletza


Ms. Dickson

Title I

Mrs. Acri                                  Ms. Oakley  


     Mrs. Wolff: Title I Aide         



Instructional Support


Mrs. Carr



 Mrs. Turnitza

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Learning Support Faculty and Staff

Special Education Coordinator

Mrs. Fetterolf


Learning Support Teachers

Mrs. Wislotsky - Kindergarten through Third Grade


Erin Trezise - Special Education/Classroom Teacher


Mrs. Boyer - Fourth through Sixth Grade


Mrs. Jones - Seventh & Eighth Grade


Ms. Rajkowski - Speech Therapy


Mrs. Eileen Tarconish


Life Skills Support

Mrs. Walsh


Support Aides

Mrs. Dermo 

Mrs. Killeen

Mrs. Hoysock

Mrs. Bowers

Ms. Bolton


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Hearing Impaired Faculty and Staff

Hearing Impairment Teacher

Hearing Impairment Aides

Marisa Underwood

Alissa Hoffman

Patty Coughlin

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Support Staff

Office Staff

Mrs. Dranginis - Accounting Assistant


Mrs. Schane - Business Manager / Office Manager


Mrs. Zimerofsky - Confidential District Office Secretary


Mrs. Tarconish - District/School Office Confidential Secretary

Mrs. Covely - District/School Office Confidential Secretary


Cafeteria Staff

Mrs. Kaledas

Mrs. Buletza

Ms. Lindenmuth

Ms. Marrogelle

Mrs. Manion

Cafeteria Aides

Mrs. Ciarvella

Mrs. Rennick


Custodial Staff

Mr. Dempsey- Head of Maintenance   

Mr. Frantz

Mr. Kalochie

Mrs. Arner

Mrs. Dempsey






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